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Why should we fast?

Some may be used to fasting, while for others it may be a new thing. So it will be good for us to consider the following points.

  • Fasting is not a rule or a command that we must obey.
  • It is something that we do out of a desire to draw closer to God. This does not mean that it is the only way to draw close to Him, but it is one way.
  • The spiritual rewards of fasting are that it allows us the opportunity to devote time that we would be eating to fellowshipping with our Heavenly Father and our precious Jesus Christ.
  • There are added physical benefits to fasting, as our bodies receive a rest from the our daily intake of food.
  • It is a time to listen to God and to pray for the things that are on our hearts, both individually and the things concerning the Church
  • It is for each individual to find the right place and time to devote to the Lord. This may be at home, at work, out in the country etc.

What does Fasting mean?

In the Bible Fasting is always associated with refraining from eating.
Three types of fasting are seen in the Bible:
1. A general fast – eating no food at all
2. An absolute fast – eating no food and having nothing to drink
3. A partial fast – cutting out certain foods – such as rich foods.

It is for each one of us to get before the Lord and see which fast He wants you to undertake. Then to enter into it in the faith of what Jesus has said to you.

Advice on Fasting

A Partial Fast
Those who are not used to fasting may find that it would be better to have a partial fast: eating less. This may be wisest if you are on medication that requires it to be taken with food. This may also be true if your employment would be adversely affected through lack of food.

A General Fast or Absolute Fast
Those who are more used to fasting may decide to go without food for the duration of the fast.
Some may decide to do without food and drink.

The right way for each one of us to fast is the way in which Jesus leads us. In this way we will fast in faith.

Fasting in Other ways.

Along with fasting there are additional ways to fast, whereby we can release time to be with Jesus.
This is usually to deny ourselves certain activities that we may crave or are addictive, or that just take up unnecessary time.
Example would be:
watching TV and listening to the radio
reading the newspaper
computer, especially games

These are all issues for us to seek the Lord on and be obedient to Him.

Whatever way in which you feel Jesus is leading you to fast it is good to keep that between you and the Lord, not letting anyone else know.

The enclosed calendar is designed to help you do plan you fast days.

Do all things in Faith

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