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Daily Readings: 30th June 2015

John 14.15 cont.

15 If you love Me you will keep My commandments.

If we are not careful we can read this verse and move on to the next one without thinking a great deal about it.

However, we need to see the impact of these words for the disciples, and also for us.

Let us remember that the disciples had been with Jesus for three years.

They were now in Jerusalem, and had just been told that one of them was to betray Him. Therefore, they might have realized that their safety, and possibly the life of Jesus were in danger. If this was true, they might have concluded that they were about to face the same dangers.

Into this Jesus tells them that if they love Him they will do what He commands them.

The command that they had already received was that they should love one another, in the same way as He loves them.

The response of the disciples is to be found in the Book of Acts, where we read of their going out to preach the gospel of Jesus.

Words may flow from our lips quite easily. Promises can be made with little hope that they will be fulfilled. This may be because the promise is said more to encourage somebody than it is with any practical hope of ever being fulfilled.

We have just been through an election campaign where we have heard the politicians of all parties making promises.

Whether or not they will be able to deliver on those promises remains to be seen.

It may be easy to say that we love Jesus.

Yet that statement has to be backed up with actions.

We all know that those contemplating marriage and those who are married will say that they love one another. Yet that love has to consist of more than words.

The attitude of married love has to show its worth in sacrificial love.

God’s word tells us:

And you husbands must love your wives with the same love Christ showed the church. He gave up His life for her – Ephesians 5.24 (NLT).

The manner of a husbands love for his wife is the same kind of love with which Jesus loves the church.

How did Jesus love the Church?

continued tomorrow.

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