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Daily Readings: 2nd October 2015

John 16.20

20 In all sincerity I tell you that you will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice. You will be full of grief, but your grief will become joy.

When we are children there are many times when we cry: we fall over and hurt ourselves and this may cause us to cry. As a baby we are likely to cry if we are hungry.

Crying tends to get less as we grow up.

Yet in adulthood there are things that still make us cry. Sometimes it may be the tears of happiness and joy, or an emotional moment that touches our heart.

Jesus told the disciples that they were going to go through a period when they would weep. The situation they were about to face would bring them to tears.

This happened to Peter within a few hours when he denied that he even knew Jesus:

60 Peter said: “Man, I don’t know what you’re talking about”. And immediately, while he was still speaking a cock crowed.

61 And turning round the Lord looked at Peter, and Peter remembered what the Lord had said that before a cock crows today, you will deny Me three times. 

62 And He went outside and wept bitterly – Luke 22.60-62

Jesus told them that a time for shedding tears was coming to them.

The life of the Christian will mean that we will also have times when tears are shed, and it is because of the actions of the world against us.

The life of Christians is directly opposed to the life of the world. Inevitably clashes will happen, Christians will be persecuted, causing tears to be shed.

We will probably shed tears, because those whom we are praying for to be born again seem to resist the call of Jesus.

Then Jesus went on to say that they would lament. This is different from crying. It is to go through a sustained period of grief. It is more than a momentary time. Rather it is a prolonged period of heartache and anguish, similar to periods of mourning.

The immediate cause of this for the disciples was Jesus being taken from them through His death on the cross. Yet there was also to be a more long lasting time of grieve as they began to feel the ill effects of Jewish and Roman persecution.

To be continued tomorrow.

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