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Daily Readings: 16th June 2015

John 14.6 cont.

7 If you had known Me, you would also have known My Father. From now on you know Him and have seen Him.

We may be familiar with the saying: ‘like father, like son’. This is a saying that can be either complementary or not so complimentary. It is said to show that the behaviour and attitudes of the son are similar to his father’s. They share the same way of speaking, they share the same ways of how they walk, and how they treat other people.

There is a real sense in which the good things and the bad things can be passed from fathers to their sons, and daughters.

To look at a man’s children can also be to look at their father as well.

No doubt children go through those stages in life when they do not appreciate being likened to their father. This is quite natural. There will be times when children are proud of their fathers, but there will also be times when fathers embarrass their children.

However, this is so different to the relationship between God the Father and Jesus, God the Son.

Jesus states that by knowing Him, we also know the Father.

Everything that the disciples had discovered about Jesus was also a discovery about the Father.

We can learn a lot about who God is from the Bible, from sermons, from teaching. We can also learn a lot about God from the world that He has created.

However, the greatest way to learn about who God is and what He is like is to look to Jesus.

Luke recorded these words of Jesus:

The Father gave all things to Me, but no one knows who the Father is except the Son and whomever the Son should decide to reveal (Him) to – 10.22.

Jesus said this to the seventy two disciples after they had returned from the mission that He had sent them on.

They discovered that the same power of the Father that was with Jesus was also with them.

Jesus told them that it was in and through Him that they could know the Father.

The same is still true today: it is only through Jesus that anyone can know the Father, because Jesus is the exact representation of the Father (Hebrews 1.3: The Son reflects God’s own glory, and everything about him represents God exactly – NLT).

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