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Daily Readings: 11th February 2016

John 19. 25-27 cont.

25 Now by the cross of Jesus stood His mother and His mother’s sister, Mary (the wife of Clopas), and Mary Magdalene.

26 Then Jesus, seeing His mother and the disciple whom He loved standing there, said (says) to her: “Woman, look here is your son”. 

27 Next He said (says) to the disciple: “Look, your mother”. And from that hour that disciples took her into his own home. 

There were two other Marys at the cross, of whom we know very little.

There was Mary, the wife of Clopas. The Greek is unclear as to what her relationship was with Clopas. She may have been his daughter, or his wife. However, it is generally taken that she would have been the wife of Clopas. We are not any clearer as to who Clopas was. It is possible he may have been one of the two disciples who were walking to Emmaus when Jesus appeared to them in His resurrected form.

However, the spelling of this Cleopas is different, as can be seen. It is thought that this may just be a variant spelling (such as we get a variance in the spelling of Rachel or Rachael).

It would be a beautiful touch if Clopas & Cleopas were one and the same person, and that his wife was brave enough to be seen at the cross of Jesus.

It would show that, as a married couple, they were devoted followers of Jesus.

Finally there was Mary Magdalene. Once again not a lot is known about her, except that Jesus did cast out seven demons from her:

2 And there were some women having been healed from evil spirits and ailments, Mary, who is called Magdalene (a tower), out of whom had gone seven demons – Luke 8.2. Mark also mentions this in chapter 16.9.

No doubt Mary Magdalene was extremely grateful for what Jesus had done for her. She was one of the women who had given practical support to Jesus during His ministry. It was not unusual for women to give such practical assistance to a Rabbi, indeed it was seen as an act of devotion.

The expression of her debt of love to Jesus knew no barrier; the cross and a Roman show of force was not going to prevent her from remaining with her Messiah.

These four women displayed love, devotion, dedication, and courage.

Let them be an inspiration for us all in our life with Jesus.

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