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Daily Reading

John 12.47-48

49 Because I did not speak from Myself, but the One who sent Me, the Father, gave me a commandment: what I should say and what I should speak.

50 And I know that His commandment is eternal life. Therefore, I say whatever the Father has spoken to Me; it is this that I speak.” 

In verse 49 Jesus plainly said that He was not speaking on His own account. What He was saying to the people was not some cleverly thought out philosophy; it was not the work of an analytical mind; it was not from the logic of this world.

Instead He states that everything He said was the result of having ears that hear what God had said to Him.

We may recall that Jesus also says to us that we need to have ears that hear; that listen and take on board what is said to us. Therefore, Jesus is urging us to do the same as Himself.

Jesus was a listener to His Father, and it was from His Father that He heard what to say. Therefore, He could say it with authority. This was the amazement the crowds were in. They were amazed at His teaching: And they were all astounded so that they discussed this saying: “What is this? A new teaching with authority that He even orders the evil spirits and they submit to Him” – Mark 1.27.

Being listeners to what God has to say to us is the foundation of the authority that we have in speaking.

When we depart from what God has said we lose all authority to say anything.

Jesus was fulfilling the prophecy that Moses received centuries earlier: I will raise up a prophet like you from among their fellow Israelites. I will tell that prophet what to say, and He will tell the people everything I command Him – Deuteronomy 18.18 (NLT).

In saying that the Father commanded Him what to say, Jesus was effectively claiming to be the prophet spoken about in Deuteronomy.

Moses brought from God the commands of God that brought many blessings.

Jesus brings the commands of the Father that bring us eternal life.

Through Moses God told the people that disobeying His commands would bring many curses upon them.

Jesus tells us that to ignore His words is to forfeit eternal life with Him and the Father.

It is to our eternal detriment to ignore what God has said through Jesus, but it is to our eternal advantage to receive and believe His word.

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