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Daily Reading: 9th March 2015

John 12.20-22 cont.

20 Now there were some Greeks amongst those going up so that they might worship in the feast.

21 These men then came to Philip, the one from Bethsaida in Galilee, and they asked him, saying: “Sir, we want to see Jesus.”.

22 Philip came to Andrew and told him; Andrew and Philip went to Jesus and told Him.

Many years ago I preached in a Wesleyan Chapel in the Northamptonshire village of Syresham, a few miles from the famous racetrack of Silverstone. In the pulpit in that Chapel there was a notice for all preachers to read. It was on a brass plate and the inscription was a quote from what the Greeks requested of Philip: “Sir, we would see Jesus” (AV). I hope that the notice is still there.

I have preached in many pulpits, but this was the only one with such an important request in.

It was a timely reminder to all who stood in that pulpit that the preacher’s hearers desire was to see Jesus and to hear Him preached.

I was a young man at the time and it has left a lasting impression on me.

Unfortunately there have been occasions when my preaching may not have centred on Jesus, but I’m thankful to the Holy Spirit who brings me back on track and gets me to focus on Jesus, making Him the focal point of all I say.

The Greeks came to Philip with a simple request. They reckoned that Philip would be the man to introduce them to this amazing man called Jesus. I’m sure that we would all like to have people come to us with the same request: “Sir, we want to see Jesus.”.

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