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Daily Reading: 8th May 2016

Matthew 1.24

24 Now being raised from sleep Joseph did as the angel of the Lord ordered and he took (Mary) as his wife.

There are certain points to note about Joseph.

1) He accepted the dream as being from the Lord.

What Joseph received from the Lord was brought to him whilst he was asleep. This also happened to Abraham and Jacob whilst they were asleep. God is able to speak to us through dreams and it is a part of the out pouring of the Holy Spirit on the believer – your old men will dream dreams – Acts 1.17 (NLT).

2) He believed that God wanted to communicate with him.

Joseph was convinced that God wanted to speak to him in respect of the difficult situation in which he found himself.

When we face difficult situations and circumstances of doubt and uncertainty, then we need to be in a frame of mind that believes that our Father wants to disclose His purposes to us.

3) He is prepared to change his decision.

Joseph had already made up his mind and come to the decision to end his relationship with Mary. However, after the angelic visit he was prepared to change his mind and reverse his decision. He did not let pride, hurt or arrogance stand in his way.

Being prepared to change our mind comes from a heart that listens to God and is prepared to repent of the way we had set our face towards.

4) In order to be obedient he is prepared to go against the social culture of his day.

The law of the Old Testament and the social culture of the day would have been on the side of Joseph ending his relationship with Mary, indeed he could have called for the stoning of Mary (Deuteronomy 22.13-29 esp. 20-21). In deciding to do as the angel had directed him, Joseph was going against the accepted practice of the day. That takes faith. He might have faced hostility from family, friends, neighbours and the religious leaders. If so he was prepared to endure all that so that he could be obedient to the angel’s instruction.

Doing things God’s way requires the renewal of our minds by the Holy Spirit; it requires our brains to be re-wired to flow with the power of the Holy Spirit; and it requires our spirits to be made into new wine skins to hold the new wine of the Holy Spirit.

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