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Daily Reading: 8th January 2015



John 11.20-22 cont.

20 Then when Martha heard that Jesus was coming she went to meet Him, but Mary sat in the house.

21 Then Martha said to Jesus: “Lord, if you only you had been here my brother would not have died.”

22 and I know that whatever You ask God for, He will give it to You.

Doubt and faith may be walking along the same road. All of us suffer periods of doubt in various ways.

We may doubt our own ability to accomplish something; we may doubt the ability of others to be able to help us; we may doubt the promise of Jesus to be always with us. The seeds of doubt are sown by ourselves and also by the devil.

If we concentrate on them we provide fertile soil in which they can grow into a massive tree of unbelief.

Martha had doubts about Jesus, because He was not with them to prevent the death of her brother, Lazarus.

However, she instantly turned from her doubt to the reality of faith by declaring to Jesus: I know that whatever You ask God for, He will give it to You.

She did not allow the seed of doubt and disappointment to take root within her soul. Instead she turned her attention to what she knew was true. She, along with Mary and Lazarus, had probably witnessed some of the miracles that Jesus had performed on His previous trips to Jerusalem. Maybe she saw Him heal the blind man and the crippled man. In John 2.23 we read: Now when He was at the Passover in Jerusalem for the feast, many believed in His name, because they saw the signs, which He was doing.

It is possible that the family may have been amongst the many that saw the signs, which He was doing.

We do not know this with any certainty, but it is clear that the family were friends of Jesus, and that friendship must have developed from their following Him and inviting Him into their home.

Based on her previous knowledge of Jesus she proclaims the certainty that God will do anything for Him.

Her faith triumphed over any doubt or disappointment.

How do we deal with doubt and disappointment?

One sure way to defeat these enemies of our souls is to look back and see what God has already done for us; how He has delivered us from situations time and again. In this we concentrate on Him and not our doubts. This is the atmosphere that allows faith to grow into certainty.

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