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Daily reading: 7th September 2015

John 15.26-27 cont.

26 When the Comforter comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of Truth, who comes from the Father, He will bear witness about Me.

27 and you will also testify, because from the beginning you have been with Me.

There is a date in 1961 that will always be a memorable date for me, and it is the 8th June. It was on that day that Jesus saved me. He made me more aware of my sin than I had ever been. The witness of the Holy Spirit within my heart made me realize that I was on the pathway to hell, and not heaven. Undoubtedly the Holy Spirit had been working in my life for many years before that, witnessing to me about my need of Jesus, and how Jesus had died on the cross for me.

However, it was on that day in 1961 that I truly responded to the witness of the Holy Spirit and received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

This is part of my testimony, this is the beginnings of my witness that Jesus has saved me, that He has forgiven me for every sin that I had ever committed, and that He washed me clean of all my wrong doings.

Since then there have been many things that Jesus has done in my life to which I can give testimony. Not least calling me to minister His word; giving me a most wonderful wife; daughters and grandchildren.

Everyone who is born again has a testimony to share about Jesus, and it is an accumulating testimony.

How do we give testimony?

There is the obvious means of telling people what God has done for us through Jesus. Things that we know would not have happened if Jesus had not caused them to. It may be a testimony about healing, or being delivered from a disastrous situation. It could be the testimony that God has brought us into a relationship that would not have happened in the natural realm.

Then there is the testimony of our life style, the testimony of actions and attitude, the testimony of the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit at work within our life.

This includes the testimony of loving one another in the same way as Jesus loves us. This is a great way to bear testimony to Jesus, because by such love we show the world that we are His disciples.

Enjoy being a witness for Jesus.

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