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Daily Reading: 6th March 2015

John 12.19

19 Then the Pharisees said to themselves: “You see we are gaining nothing, since the whole world has gone after Him.”

A little while ago we were on the Isle of Wight wanting to go from the west side of the Island to the east. We were using a satnav to give us directions. All was going well as we followed the instructions. However, it eventually led us onto a road that became a dirt track, which then came to an end.

At which point we abandoned following the satnav instructions and retraced the road until we got back onto a road that took us east.

The Jews realized that the course of action they had been taking was getting them nowhere. The crowds were not listening to them, instead they were intent on seeing Jesus. The desire of the crowd was to experience the presence and power of Jesus.

They ignored what the leaders were demanding, which was to provide information on how they might arrest Jesus and have Him killed.

The Jewish leaders realized that they had come to a dead end as far as the crowds were concerned. They were getting nowhere.

There is a prophecy that King David brought: The whole earth will acknowledge the LORD and return to Him. People from every nation will bow down before Him – Psalm 22.7 (NLT). In this present day there are those governments who are set against Jesus and His Church, among them is North Korea. Even our own government produces laws that are contrary to the word of God, such as same sex marriage.

Some Christians have been arrested for preaching on the streets the truth of God’s word.

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