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Daily Reading: 4th October 2016


Matthew 5.19 cont.

19 Whoever, then should break one of the least of these commandments and should teach men to do so, shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven; but whoever shall practices and teach them will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven.

As we read through the commandments of God we may be able to see that there are a number of the commands of God that are widely ignored and broken by many people.

Over the next few days we shall briefly look at the Commandments of God.

It has long been said that we live in a pluralistic society, where there are a number of religions that have various gods. We should be concerned about this, because it is not good for our nation. Britain and Western countries can no longer be regarded as solely ‘Christian countries’. Many people break the first command by worshipping other gods.

We are all aware that other gods includes anything that replaces our focus on the Lord Almighty and our Lord Jesus Christ.

We can all be tempted to worship other gods, especially consumerism. Therefore, there is a need for us all to continually be turning to Jesus and our Heavenly Father in true and spiritual worship.

This is what God requires:

“But the time is coming and has arrived when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is looking for such as these to worship Him” – John 4.23.

The misuse of the name of God and Jesus seems to have increased in recent years, especially on the television and social media. This is often called blasphemy, where people exclaim ‘oh my God (OMG)’; ‘good God’; ‘Christ’; ‘Jesus’. Such language is worse than foul language, which has also seen an increase is usage in recent years, especially among females.

For the followers of Jesus we must honour and respect the command of God not to misuse His name, which includes the name of Jesus.

The keeping of the seventh day as a rest day dedicated to the Lord our God has also fallen into misuse. Whatever our views on Sunday trading, we all know that the relaxing of the Sunday trading laws in the UK has led to many thousands of people being required to work on a Sunday. Refusal to do so may mean they lose their jobs.

The command of God to rest on the seventh (Sabbath) day is so that we are free to dedicate the day to Him. (This is just one day in seven). Like all the commands of God they are for our blessing, therefore, they are not a burden.


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