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Daily Reading: 4th March 2016

John 20.11-13 cont.

11 Mary stood weeping at the tomb, and as she wept she stooped, peering into the tomb, 

12 and she saw two angels in white sitting there, one was at the head and one was at the feet of where the body of Jesus had been laid. 

13 And they said (say) to her: “Lady, why are you crying?” And she said (say) to them: “They have taken away my Lord, and I don’t know where they have laid Him”. 

Whenever we go through grief the promise of Jesus is that we will be comforted:

God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted – Matthew 5.4 (NLT). These are words that Jesus spoke during His Sermon on the Mount.

Before we experience the death of a loved one we will wonder how we will cope, and in the immediate aftermath of death we may be thrown into vast uncertainty as to what the future may hold for us. None of us likes to contemplate these times of bereavement and loss.

Yet, in all this we can be absolutely certain that our Heavenly Father will not leave us comfortless, knowing that His plans are to bless us.

The love of Jesus for His mother led Him to make sure that His plan was in place for her blessing.

From the cross Jesus made sure that His mother would be cared for and comforted:

26 Then Jesus, seeing His mother and the disciple whom He loved standing there, said (says) to her: “Woman, look here is your son”. 

27 Next He said (says) to the disciple: “Look, your mother”. And from that hour that disciple took her into his own home – John 19.26-27.

The Psalmist assures us with these words:

God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble – Psalm 46.1 (NLT).

All of us have the hope that we will not pass through the ‘valley of the shadow of death’, but if God calls us to walk that way we can also be assured that His rod and staff will comfort us. Therefore, we need fear no evil (Psalm 23.4)

Let these words from God’s word assure us that in the times when we are grieving God is with us to strengthen and hold us up. He will wipe away our tears and lead us through the valley of the shadow of death.

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