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Daily Reading: 4th July 2016

Matthew 4.8-10.

8 Again the devil takes Him to a very high mountain, and he showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.

9 And he said to Him: “I will give You all these, if you will fall down and worship me.”

10 Then Jesus said (says) to him: “Go away, satan; for it has been written: You shall worship the Lord your God, and Only Him shall you serve.””

Next the devil leads Jesus up a very high mountain. We do not know which mountain this would have been. There are those who say that this was a vision, since there is no mountain on earth from which all the kingdoms of the world can be seen.

There is a difficulty with this interpretation, since it would require the devil to lead Jesus into a vision, which in itself would be evil.

The following is how Luke describes this:

And leading Him up (to high ground) he showed Him all the kingdoms of the world, in an instant of time – Luke 4.5. We really do not know how this happened, but we can be assured that somehow it did happen, and that somehow the physical world and the spiritual sphere came together in a moment of time, allowing satan to tempt Jesus into worshipping him.

The reality is that in an instant of time satan showed to Jesus all the kingdoms of the world. We may presume this would be kingdoms of the past, present, and future. It would include all the great empires of history, and the temptation was that Jesus only had to bow down and worship satan and he would give Him all these kingdoms and empires.

We may consider whether or not satan was able to deliver what he was promising Jesus, since Psalm 2 tells us:

[7] The king proclaims the LORD’s decree: “The LORD said to Me, ‘You are my Son. Today I have become Your Father.

[8] Only ask, and I will give You the nations as Your inheritance – (NLT).

This is widely seen as a prophecy concerning Jesus, and it is clear from these verses that it is God who gives the nations as an inheritance for Jesus. We still await the fulfilling of this promise, but it is certainly not within the power of satan to give the kingdoms of this world into the hands of Jesus.

The promises of satan are hollow and false, whereas the promises of God are filled with certainty.



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