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Daily Reading: 3rd March 2015

John 12.14-16 cont.

14 Then Jesus, having found a young donkey, sat on it, even as it has been written:

15 Do not be afraid, daughter of Zion; look your kings comes, sitting on a young (a colt) donkey.

16 At first the disciples did not understand these things, but when Jesus was glorified they remembered that these things had been written about Him, and the things that they did to Him.

When we are children we have a very limited understanding of things, but, at the same time we have a greater acceptance of that which we do not understand. Indeed, as children more often than not we do not question or doubt our circumstances or environment. We have almost endless trust in our parents, without understanding. To a lesser extent we have trust in teachers and the like.

John tells us that the disciples did not understand what was happening as Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey. It would seem that they were oblivious to the Messianic implications of what Jesus was doing by entering Jerusalem riding on the donkey.

Yet they accepted it. They did not try to prevent what was happening.

They knew that by entering Jerusalem, Jesus was heading towards death. They knew that a death warrant had been issued by the Jewish authorities. Therefore, they knew that their own lives were in danger. Indeed Thomas had voiced this when he said: “Let us also go that we might die with Him” – Luke 11.16.

Their lack of understanding the real meaning of what Jesus was doing did not prevent them from accepting His actions.

However, they did come to understand His actions, but only after He was glorified, that is their spiritual eyes were opened after Jesus had ascended into Heaven and had sat down at the right hand side of our Heavenly Father.

We may face many situations where we do not understand what God is doing with us. How do we respond to these situations?

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