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Daily Reading: 31st October 2015

John 17.6 cont.

6 Your name I have made known to the Men whom You gave Me from the world. They were Yours and You gave them to Me, and they have kept Your word.

The men who were the disciples of Jesus were chosen by God for that task. As they were growing up they may not have realised what their future was going to be. They had already embarked on their chosen career. Four were fishermen, one was a tax collector, another was a zealot.

However, God had chosen them to be the men who would become the companions of His Son, Jesus.

At the appropriate time God was going to give them to Jesus, so that they could learn from Him. That means to be a disciple.

They were to learn how to love; they were to learn how to react; they were to learn how to behave in a Christ like manner; they were to discover the importance of listening to and keeping the word of God.

These are all important things for everyone who receives Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. As such we are His disciples, men, and women who want to learn the ways of Jesus.

We are all aware that we are constantly having to learn His ways, changing our ways to conform to His ways. For the disciples of Jesus it meant that they had to give up their normal occupation in order to devote themselves totally to Jesus.

There is a sense in which this is true for some today. There are those who are called into what is termed ‘full time ministry’, such as ministers of various kinds.

At the same time every believer is called to be totally devoted to Jesus, which means our places of work become the shop window through which work colleagues are able to see Jesus living in us.

God’s desire for each one of us is that Jesus is honoured and glorified in our life: at home, at work, and in our leisure activities.

The disciples of Jesus are also those who keep the word of God. We cannot choose those parts of the Bible that fit in with our lifestyle and ignore other bits that run contrary to our ways. God’s calling on every believer is to be those people who are seen to be devoted to keeping His word.

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