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Daily Reading: 30th July 2016

Matthew 5.1

1 Then, seeing the crowds, He went up into the mountain; and sitting down, His disciples came to Him.

This chapter begins what is commonly called ‘The Sermon on the Mount’. It is covered by chapters 5-7.

However, there is a lot in verse one and we shall spend a few days looking at it to give us some background information.

Matthew has put all this teaching of Jesus in one place in his gospel, whereas Luke has some of the teachings of Jesus scattered through his gospel record. This difference has led to the suggestion that what Matthew has recorded is a collection of many of the teachings of Jesus and has placed them in one place in his gospel. On the other hand Luke seems to have set the teachings of Jesus in the context of other things that Jesus said and did.

Matthew has made it easier for us to find the teaching of Jesus, because he has kept it in one place. By keeping the teaching of Jesus in the original context, Luke gives a deeper understanding of the teaching of Jesus. As we use both gospels to study the teachings of Jesus we benefit from the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who inspired both Matthew and Luke.

It has often been asked as to where the mount was that Jesus went up, and the truth is that we do not know.

Perhaps, since it is called ‘The Mount’ that it was so well known that Matthew felt no need of any further identification as to its’ location.

The main suggestion is Mount Eremos, which was on the north west shore of the Sea of Galilee, between Gennesaret and Capernaum. It was on this mount, during the third crusade, that the Muslim leader, Saladin, completed destroyed the Crusaders (1178 AD). A chapel was built on this mount in 1938 by the Roman Catholic Church.

The truth is that we do not really know the exact location of where Jesus spoke these Heavenly words of right ways of living for Him.

It is going to take some time for us to go through this teaching from Jesus, but as we do we shall see how greatly His teaching impacts our lives so that we can live for men to see the glory of the Father.

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