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Daily Reading: 30th January 2015

John 11.41-42 cont.

41 Then they took away the stone. Then Jesus raised up His eyes and said: “Father, I thank You that You heard Me.”

42 “I knew that You always hear Me, but I said this because of the crowd standing around that they might believe that You sent Me.”

2 Jesus commenced His pray with thanks, and He was thankful that His Father had heard Him. The word ‘thanks’ is a familiar word for some people; it is the word ‘eucharisteo’, from which we get the word ‘Eucharist’. In some denominations this is the word that is used instead of ‘Communion’ or the ‘Breaking of Bread’.

The meaning of the word is that God works well.

Usually the word would be used to acknowledge the good and favourable work of God towards us, although we do not deserve it. It also acknowledges that all of God’s actions towards us are gracious and they bring honour and glory to Himself.

By giving thanks to the Father, Jesus was doing this.

It is also important that all our praying is enveloped within thanksgiving.

Paul said this: Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done – Philippians 4.6 (NLT).

Having a heart full of thanks for all that our Father does for us is a foundation stone of praying.

3 Thirdly, Jesus acknowledged that His Father heard Him. It can be frustrating if, when we are talking to someone, it becomes obvious that they are not hearing what we are saying. It may be that they hear the first thing that we say and then they proceed to tell us that they have had a similar experience, or know someone who has. At which point they have ceased to hear us.

Sadly, perhaps all of us had been those who have not stopped, been quiet, and listened.

Jesus was confident that His Father had heard Him. We also can be confident that our Heavenly Father hears us. Jesus assures us with these words: “I tell you the truth, you will ask the Father directly, and He will grant your request because you use My name” – John 16.23 (NLT).

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