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Daily Reading: 2nd July 2015

John 14.15 cont.

15 If you love Me you will keep My commandments.

The display of our love for Jesus is seen in the way in which we obey Him. Our love of Jesus is a conditional love. It is a condition that is placed on us, and it is that we must keep His commandments.

This is different from the love that He has for us, since His love is unconditional. However, perhaps our love for Him is the same as His love for the Father, because His love for the Father is also conditional, and it is that He did the Father’s will.

Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane:

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup away from Me. Nevertheless, let Your will take place and not Mine” – Luke 22.42. In this prayer we see that the condition of Jesus’ love for the Father is displayed. He laid aside His own will in order for the Father’s will to be accomplished in and through Him.

Therefore, what Jesus is demanding from every believer is no different from the condition that He took upon Himself. His love for the Father was that He kept His Father’s commands.

Likewise the condition of love that is placed on us is that we also obey, or keep His commandments.

Jesus is not demanding anything from us that He was not willing to do Himself.

Those who are involved in teaching others expect their pupils to do what they have been taught. The teacher expects their pupil to put into practice what they have been shown. It is in this way that the pupil can display that they have been listening and that they respect what they have been told.

If we say that we love Jesus, but we do not keep His commands, then our words are empty and worthless.

How much we love Jesus is measured by how much we keep His commands.

Perhaps everyone of us has professed our love for Jesus.

When we are first born again we profess our love for Him.

When we stand in the waters of baptism we declare our love for Him, because being baptized is a display of our love for Him.

Today let us once again declare our love for Jesus, and let our love for Him be displayed through our attitudes, our words, and our actions.

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