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Daily Reading: 2nd January 2016

John 18.29-32

29 Then Pilate went outside and said to them: “What accusations do you bring against this Man?”

30 They answered and said: “If He was not doing evil we would not have handed Him over to you.”

31 Then Pilate said to them: “ You take Him and judge Him according to your Law.” They said to Him: “It is not lawful for us to kill anyone.”

32 This fulfilled the word of Jesus said when He spoke about the kind of death He was to die.

In our society there are many people who have some amount of power and authority. This could be within a family, or a workplace. It could be within the political sphere in some way or another.

It takes wisdom to know how to use authority and power, and it comes with responsibilities. Used in the wrong way or at the wrong time could lead to a lot of trouble and upset.

Pilate was the Roman governor and he had a lot of power and authority (later Jesus was to say something about this).

He had the authority to command the Jews to enter the Praetorium. However, he knew that this would offend the Jews, because to enter a Gentile residence would make them ritually unclean.

Pilate exercised his power and authority in a sensitive way and avoided a dangerous confrontation with the Jews.

However, His actions took no account of Jesus. Perhaps as far as Pilate was concerned it was better to appease the Jews than it was to have regard for the position of Jesus. The mass of Jews was weightier in Pilate’s mind than the way in which he dealt with Jesus.

There may be occasions when we have been given the power and authority to make a decision and we find ourselves being pulled in a way that takes no account of Jesus. Every day we all have to make decisions, and the world will pull us to decide in its favour.

Before we make any decisions it is very important that we apply the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. It is important that we are like the wise man who built his house upon the rock (Matthew 4.24-27). His decision laid the firm foundations that meant his house withstood the ravaging storms of winter.

Let us also remember that whatever power and authority we may have it has been entrusted to us by Jesus, and also to know that He said:

“I have been given complete authority in heaven and on earth” – Matthew 28.18 (NLT).


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