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Daily Reading: 2nd August 2016

Matthew 5.1 cont.

1 Then, seeing the crowds, He went up into the mountain; and sitting down, His disciples came to Him.

We may wonder why it was that Jesus decided to preach on the mountain side instead of in a local synagogue. Perhaps we can assume that all this happened before Jesus was prevented from teaching in synagogues.

It would seem that the motivation for Jesus going up the mountain to teach the people was because vast crowds were going to Him. Therefore, it is possible that the local synagogues would not be large enough for all the people to get in to hear Him.

By being in the open air Jesus was able to reach many more people with His fundamental teaching of the ways of the Kingdom of God, the ways of righteousness.

As I write, the Euro football championship is underway. Not only are fans able to go to a stadium to watch their teams play, they can also watch them on large screens, besides TV and other media. The organizers make maximum use of the media to make it possible for as many fans as possible to see their teams and experience the championship.

In this there is a lesson for us who believe, and it is to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as to how we can maximize the number of people who have the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus.

It was as Jesus saw the vast crowds that He went up the mountain so that they could see and hear Him.

A question for us all is: what mountainside can we go up to present the good news of Jesus to as many people as possible?

This is a question for larger gatherings, and also for us as individuals. In our personal witness for Jesus we also need to be guided by the Holy Spirit so that we can maximize the effect we can have on people as we seek to live out the sermon on the mount for the glory of Jesus and our Father.

Each day let us be aware of the Holy Spirit’s leading for us to be the witness of Jesus in whatever part of the world He has placed us.


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