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Daily Reading: 29th March 2015


John 12.35-36 cont.

35 Then Jesus said to them: “For a little time the Light is with you, while you have the Light walk (in it), so you are not overtaken by the darkness. The one walking in darkness does not know where he is going.

36 While you have the Light you must believe in the Light, so that you may become sons of the Light.

Jesus said these things and going away He hid from them.

Once again we read that Jesus went away and hid Himself.

It is suggested that He most likely went to Bethany, and therefore, He might have gone to the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.

However, the Greek word suggests more than leaving Jerusalem for the night so that He could rest. The word has the meaning of being concealed, of being hidden.

Therefore, it may be that Jesus was not at the home of His friends, since that would have been a place where He was known to go. In the light of this perhaps we can assume that He withdrew to a secret location, where He was not going to be discovered.

People often say that they need ‘their own space’. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on the motive. Unfortunately it is often said with a selfish intent, with the desire to be in a place to do only what they want to do with no regard for those closest to them.

On other occasions if it is said with the desire to spent time hidden away with Jesus, then that is good. Indeed Jesus may direct us to go to a lonely place where we can be alone with Him. He did this with the disciples: ‘Come privately by yourselves, into a solitary place and take it easy for a while’ – Mark 6.31.

Jesus must have had a good reason for concealing Himself. He had just told the people that they must believe in Him, the Light, while He was still with them. Now He had slipped away, undetected by the people. This meant that they were left to ponder on what He had said; they were left to search their own hearts to see if they believed in Him.

There are those times for us all when Jesus will say something to us and leave us to seriously consider what He has said. By the Holy Spirit He will plant ideas, thoughts, visions into our hearts, and then leave us to ponder them so that we can inwardly digest what He is saying to us. By doing this we are able to come to believe in Him and His purposes for us.


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