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Daily Reading: 28th May 2015

John 13.36

36 Simon Peter said to Him: “Lord, where are you going?” Jesus replied: “Where I am going now you are not able to follow Me; but later on you will follow.”

As our children grow up the time comes when they start to go out into the world on their own. It can be an anxious time for parents, often leading to the same question that Peter asked: “Where are you going”?

We want to know where they will be, what they will be doing, and when they will be back.

When Peter asked this question of Jesus he apparently did not know what lay before Jesus. He, along with the other disciples appear not to have remembered the words of Jesus that He was to be arrested, killed, and raised on the third day.

They may have thought that Jesus would be arrested; they may even have thought He might be killed; but it would appear from the question of Peter, they did not understand what His being glorified meant.

Over the next three days the disciples were about to enter a very sharp learning curve. We have the benefit of hindsight, therefore, we know the outcome of what Jesus meant.

Peter and the other disciples did not. The reply of Jesus did not quench the thirst of Peter to know more. He is eager to stay with His Lord and Master, and to accompany Him through whatever dangers lay ahead.

There will be times in the life of every believer when Jesus may not tell us plainly what is about to happen. There may be times when He will not allow us to go into certain places, or He may direct us away from a pathway that we are taking.

We must listen to Jesus, knowing that what He reveals to us is sufficient for us.

It is a sign of our maturity in Jesus to accept what He reveals to us. It is a sign of immaturity to keep asking to know something that is beyond what He has revealed to us.

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