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Daily Reading: 28th February 2015

John 12.12-13 cont.

12 On the following day a large crowd was coming to the feast; hearing that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem,

13 they took branches from the palm trees and went to meet Him. They shouted out: “Hosanna, blessed is the One Coming in the Name of the Lord, even the King of Israel.”

A crowd can either be a great place to be or it can be a dangerous place. Many of us will remember the terrible tragedy of the Hillsborough disaster of 1989 in Sheffield, when fans of Liverpool football club were eager to get into the ground so that they could see their team play football. Sadly we know that this resulted in the deaths of 96 people.

The massive crowd that greeted Jesus would have been far greater than the crowd trying to get into Hillsborough, and it was also in an excited state. They were eager to see Jesus, they were keen to experience for themselves the power that Jesus obviously had.

They all seem to have been inspired to shout: “Hosanna, blessed is the One coming in the Name of the Lord, even the King of Israel.”

The word ‘Hosanna’ means: to look favourable upon us. W Barclay says that it means: save now.

Therefore, there was in the minds of the crowds the idea of this being the time of God’s favour.

They may not have understood the implications of what the coming of Jesus meant.

They were indeed in the presence of the Prince of Peace, and the all-conquering King, but not as they understood it.

There is so much that we do not understand about Jesus, but we do know that in and through Him the favour of God is with us.

God’s word tells us: The LORD mocks at mockers, but He shows favour to the humble – Proverbs 3.34 (NLT).

When Jesus preached in the synagogue in Capernaum He quoted from Isaiah 62.2: To preach the year of the Lord’s favour – Luke 4.19.

The crowds greeting Jesus must have felt that it was the time of God’s favour coming upon them, and that Jesus was their long awaited Messiah.

Therefore, this was a happy and joyful crowd.

Each one of us is able to daily greet Jesus knowing that as we do our joy in knowing Him is beyond all understanding, and the conquest is that Jesus has defeated the enemies of sin and death.

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