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Daily reading: 27th March 2015

John 12.35-36 cont.

35 Then Jesus said to them: “For a little time the Light is with you, while you have the Light walk (in it), so you are not overtaken by the darkness. The one walking in darkness does not know where he is going.

36 While you have the Light you must believe in the Light, so that you may become sons of the Light.

Jesus said these things and going away He hid from them.

In order to become the sons (children) of the Light it is essential that we believe in the Light. What does this mean?

Becoming sons of the Light means that we must experience a new birth. Jesus had already said this in His conversation with Nicodemus. We read of this in chapter 3 where Jesus said: “In all sincerity  I tell you, unless anyone is born from above (born anew) he cannot see the kingdom of God” – verse 3.

This entails more than seeing the Light. There are many people who see the Light, but refuse to walk in the Light. They refuse to allow the Light of Jesus to bring them to the new birth in Jesus that is necessary for us to become children of the Light.

If I were to go to a harbour to board a ship it would be no good just standing on the quayside admiring what a wonderful ship it is. In order to embark on the ship’s journey I have to get aboard the ship. Standing on the quayside in admiration will not change my future, and I will not venture into the new life that the ship would lead me to.

Similarly looking at Jesus and admiring all He says and does is not enough. Every individual must believe in Jesus, the Light, in order to become a son of the Light.

The Wise Men could have looked at the Star, saw its light, and remained where they were. Had they done so they would not have gone to Jesus and worshipped Him.

They saw His star in the East and journeyed a vast distance so that they might be in the presence of the King of Israel, and so worship Him, bringing their gifts to Him.

We must see the Light, who is Jesus, and we must also believe in Him, by receiving Him. Then the Scriptures come true that says: But as many as received Him, to those believing in His name, He gave to them the right to become the children of God – John 1.12.

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