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Daily Reading: 27th December 2015

Isaiah 9.6 cont.

[6] For a child is born to us, a Son is given to us. And the government will rest on His shoulders. These will be His royal titles: Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

We live in an age when the use of titles is not as widespread as they used to be. There are many who do not like to use any title that they may have. However, titles may be more widely used than we think, since most occupations have a ‘job description’ (another word for a title). When I started work on what was British Railways my title was ‘junior porter’. Since then I have had a number of different titles.

The prophecy of Isaiah is that Jesus would have royal titles, and these royal titles describe His being and His character.

Jesus is the wonderful counsellor.

He was and is, and always will be astonishing. During his ministry people were astounded at His teaching:

And they were amazed by His teaching, for He was teaching them as having authority, and not like the scribes – Mark 1.22. Jesus had just cast out an evil spirit from a man.

His teaching is still a cause for great wonderment. We still marvel at what is known as the ‘Sermon on the Mount’. It is life changing teaching, it displays the wonderful ways of God.

We all marvel at the words of Jesus that should be the foundation of the Christian way of living:

“A New commandment I give to you that you must love one another; just as I love you so you must also love one another” – John 13.34.

Everything that Jesus said is the wisest of counsel, because it comes straight from Heaven. Therefore, it is vitally important that we familiarize ourselves with all that Jesus said, as recorded for us in the four gospels.

People were also awe struck by the things that Jesus did. There was an occasion when Jesus healed a paralysed man, commanding him to get up, pick up his bed, and go home, we read of this in Mark 2.12: In front of them all he got up, picked up his bed and went out. They were all beside themselves with amazement and praised God saying that they had never seen such a thing.

He continues to say wonderful things and to do wonderful things. May we constantly be filled with the wonderment and wise counsel of Jesus.

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