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Daily Reading: 25th March 2016

John 20.26-29 cont.

26 And after eight days His disciples were inside, and Thomas was with them. The doors had been shut, yet Jesus came and stood in the middle and said: “Peace to you”.

27 Then He said (says) to Thomas: “Bring your finger here and see My hands, and bring your hand and put it into My side. Be not unbelieving, but believe.  

28 Thomas replied: “My Lord and my God.” 

29 Jesus said (says) to him: Have you believed, because you have seen Me? How happy are the ones who do not see and yet they have believed. 

The evidence that Jesus presents to Thomas is undeniable.

Firstly there was His presence, suddenly appearing in the room. Once again this was a miraculous appearance, because the doors were securely shut.

Then Jesus deliberately shows His wounds to Thomas. This must have been quite startling for Thomas, because it meant that Jesus knew about his doubt and unbelief. It is clear that he did not believe his colleagues testimony about the resurrection of Jesus. It is probable that he continued in his unbelief all week.

Now he is confronted by the reality that Jesus had been raised from the dead, and that Jesus knew all about his refusal to believe the testimony of the others.

For Thomas there was no hiding this from Jesus.

The same is also true for us. Jesus is fully aware of all our doubts and unbelief. We are unable to hide anything from Him. He knows the secrets of all our hearts. The Psalmist wrote:

[20] If we had turned away from worshipping our God or spread our hands in prayer to foreign gods,

[21] God would surely have known it, for He knows the secrets of every heart – Psalm 44.20-21.

There is no escaping the fact that God knows our deepest thoughts, those areas where faith struggles with unbelief. In this we are no different from Thomas.

Just as He did with Thomas, He will confront us in our unbelief. This is not to condemn us, but to move us from unbelief into faith.

His words to Thomas were an invitation to do just what he had said he would do if he was going to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead. We do not know if Thomas did as Jesus bid him do, but the inference is that he did not, but instead he declared Jesus to be his Lord and God. This was an amazing transformation from doubt to absolute faith.

It is the transformation that the Holy Spirit brings to us all as He reveals Jesus to us in His resurrection power.

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