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Daily Reading: 25th December 2015

A very happy Christmas to everyone.

May we all know and experience the joy and peace of the presence of Jesus with us.

Isaiah 9.6

[6] For a Child is born to us, a Son is given to us. And the government will rest on His shoulders. These will be His royal titles: Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Generally speaking the birth of any child brings great delight to that child’s parents. I well remember the joy and happiness that Rachel and I had at the birth of both our daughters. For a mother the pains of child birth are forgotten as she enjoys holding her new born in her arms for the first time. For fathers the anxiety over his wife during the birthing process is replaced with the joy of holding his new born.

Both parents are full of thanks for the new life that has been gifted to them.

Isaiah prophesied the birth and gift of a child, a son to the nation of Judah. It is a prophecy that was about five hundred years before the birth of Jesus.

Jesus is the gift of God to all peoples, to Jew and Gentile alike. God gave Him as His gift to the whole world. Jesus is the Father’s gift for the salvation of the whole world.

At Christmas time we particularly remember the birth of Jesus, and it needs to be a time primarily of celebrating the depths of God’s love for us all. In all the rush and busyness of the world’s celebration of Christmas, it may be easy for us to lose sight of the real reason for Christmas time.

However, it is vitally important that we give priority to celebrating that God gave to us all the gift of His precious Son. This Christmas let us all make sure that Jesus does not get marginalized in all our celebrations.

Christmas is never the same when we push Jesus to the edge of the season. When we do that we invite all the hassle and stress of worldliness to be centre stage in our life.

Remember that God sent Jesus to bring us peace. The message of the angels is:

Glory to God in the highest place and peace on earth to men of kindly intent – Luke 2.14.

We receive His peace when we give Jesus His rightful place in our Christmas time.

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