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Daily Reading: 23rd September 2015

John 16.12

12 Yet there are many things I have to say to you, but you are not able to cope with them now.

We may often hear people say that they are unable to cope with certain things in their life. We know that there are many agencies that have been started in order to help people cope with such things as bereavement, divorce, drug addiction, family issues, and many other things.

Jesus was aware that His disciples could only cope with so much. They had reached the point when it was better for them not to be told some things that they would not be able to deal with.

In the earlier part of the ministry of Jesus Mark made this comment:

And with such parables as these He preached the word to them, according to their ability to understand Mark 4.33.

Jesus was using parables (picture stories) to enlighten the people about the Kingdom of God. Again we see that He only said as much as they could cope with (understand).

Jesus knows exactly how much information we can deal with at any time. There is such a thing as information overload, and Jesus knows when we have reached that point.

Therefore, we must not worry about what He has not told us. Instead we must walk with faith in what He has told us, since that is what He knows we can cope with.

Our whole life as followers of Jesus is a life where Jesus leads us further into a life that is filled with the Holy Spirit. Jesus knows what our minds are able to accept. To inform us of things that our minds are unable to accept would be to lead us into a situation where we would be unable to cope with what He has said.

It was sometime after He had chosen His disciples before He began to tell them that He was to be arrested, killed, and then raised on the third day.

Initially Peter was unable to cope with this, and so he rebuked Jesus:

[22] But Peter took Him aside and corrected Him. “Heaven forbid, Lord,” he said. “This will never happen to You!”

[23] Jesus turned to Peter and said, “Get away from Me, Satan! You are a dangerous trap to Me. You are seeing things merely from a human point of view, and not from God’s” – Matthew 16.22.23 (NLT).

Let us put our trust in Jesus to tell us what we need to know at the time we need to know it.

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