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Daily Reading: 23rd January 2016

John 19.6-8

6 Therefore, when the chief priest and the servants saw Him, they shouted out saying: “Crucify, crucify”. Pilate said to them: “You take Him and crucify Him, for I find no crime in Him.”

7 The Jews answered him: “We have a law and according to the law He ought to die, because He made Himself out to be the Son of God.”

8 Then when Pilate heard this (word) he was even more afraid.

What would you do with Jesus?

This is a question that each one of us should answer.

Nobody can ignore Jesus.

Pilate may have wanted this ‘local issue’ to go away. He may have been desperate to seek some solution that would ease his own conscience, and also placate the crowds.

However, he was in a position where he knew the problem wasn’t going to melt away. He knew that he had to face the question: “What was he to do with Jesus?

Likewise, we all daily face this question. Our world is one which constantly clashes with the Kingdom of Jesus, because His kingdom is the Kingdom of Light, whereas the world is the kingdom of darkness.

In our daily lives this clash can cause us to seriously think how our actions in the world bring conflict between Jesus and the darkness we are called to live in.

The morality of this world is staggeringly moving further and further away from the righteousness of Jesus. Inevitably we are all caught up in this, having to make decisions about the course of action we must take.

Following Jesus will take us further and further away from the course of action that the world wants us to take.

In the railway lines of our minds spirits we will often come to a junction. One line leads to darkness and death; the other line leads to light and eternal life. At that junction we must set the points for the line of the Kingdom of Light, which leads to eternal life and glory.

The Jews were set in their minds. They had switched the points for the line of death.

What about us?

Which line are our spirits and minds deciding to go?







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