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Daily Reading: 22nd September 2016



Matthew 5.13 cont.

13 You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt becomes useless, in what way will it be made salty again? Having lost its’ strength it is useless, except to be thrown out to be trampled underfoot by men.

How is it possible for the Christian to lose his/her saltiness?

It happens when we allow ourselves to get distracted by the many things that we find attractive in this world. We may think that there are many more distractions these days than there has ever been before. The explosion of technology has opened up so many different areas of amusement. There are many games to play even on mobile phones, as well as Xboxes and the like.

Social media takes up a vast amount of time and draws us away from a deeper relationship with Jesus.

None of these things are wrong in themselves, but if we pursue them to the point where we neglect our relationship with Jesus we will lose our saltiness. In order to remain being the salt of the earth we must remain in Jesus. He said that without Him we can do nothing. Therefore, without Him we cannot be the salt of the earth.

Disappointment may be another reason we might lose our saltiness. There are times when those within the church may not treat others in a Christ-like way, and this disappoints those who have been mistreated. The temptation in these situations is to turn away from Jesus, but when we do that we will lose our saltiness.

The truth is that we all get disappointed by others. The apostle Paul did. In his second letter to Timothy he wrote:

16 In my first defence no one came to be by my side, all abandoned me. May this not be held against them.

Earlier in the same letter Paul wrote:

This you know, everyone in Asia has abandoned me, including Phygelus and Hermogenes – 1 Timothy 1.15.

Paul kept going in the face of such disappointment; he didn’t give up; he remained in Jesus. Therefore, he did not lose his saltiness.

Our effectiveness and saltiness will continue as we are continually filled with the Holy Spirit.


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