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Daily Reading: 21st June 2016

Matthew 3.16-17 cont.

16 Now, having been baptized, straightaway Jesus went up from the water, and the Heavens were opened, and He saw the Spirit of God coming down upon Him, coming as a dove.

17 And see a voice from the heavens said: “This One is My dearly loved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

We may not know if everyone saw the heavens opened; the Spirit coming upon Jesus; or heard the voice of God. Some say that there is nothing in the gospels to say that they did, but that it was only Jesus and John.

John confirms that he was a witness to these tremendous happenings:

32 And John testified saying: “I saw the Spirit coming down out of Heaven as a dove, and stay on Him”.

33 And I would not have known Him, but the One who sent me to baptize in water, He said to me: “On whomever you might see the Spirit coming down and remaining on Him, this One is the One baptizing in the Holy Spirit.”

34 And I have seen, and I have born witness that this One is the Son of God – John 1 32-34.

This must have been a great experience for John. It was an event that validated his own ministry and all that God had called him to do and to say.

It is obvious to state that Jesus also saw and heard these things, which would also have validated His own calling and ministry.

Everything that our Father calls us to do will also be validated by Him. We may not see the Heavens opened, or hear the audible voice of God, but we will receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit. He will confirm to us what our Father has called us to do. He will also make the ways possible, and empower us to complete the tasks He gives us to do.

When God called me to apply to Spurgeon’s for training for the ministry I was told that I needed three ‘O’ levels before entering. This seemed an almost impossible task to me since I had left school with no qualifications. Yet God gave me the desire and application to get these qualifications.

The immediate outcome of Jesus being baptized to fulfil all righteousness was Him seeing the Heavens opened, receiving the Holy Spirit, and hearing the confirmation of His Father’s approval.

Loving obedience to Jesus will always result in our Father’s approval and equipping for further work in His service.



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