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Daily Reading: 20th April 2015

John 15.16

16 You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and produce fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you might ask the Father in My Name He should give it to you.

When we are children there are many times when teams are being chosen in the playground. Each team leader chooses those whom they want in their team. It can be an anxious time for those being chosen, especially if they are being left to the end.

Jesus told the disciples that they did not choose Him, but that He chose them. This is also true for every believer. Jesus has chosen us, and none of us has been left to the end of the queue.

When teams are being chosen each individual may be chosen for their ability. If it is football those who are good at being a goalkeeper will be chosen for that reason. Those who are good at crossing a ball into the penalty box will be chosen for that ability.

Jesus does not choose us for what we can do, or for any ability that we may have. He chooses us because He loves us. We do not have to have any qualifications for Him to choose us. We do not have to be gifted in any area for Him to choose us. He chose us when He created us.

God’s word tells us:

Even as He chose us in Him before the creation of the world for us to be holy and blameless before His face, in love – Ephesians 1.4.

We all existed in the mind of our Father and The Lord Jesus before the creation of the world.

God’s plans are older than the creation of all things. Before, time began, before the earth and the heavens were created, the plan of our Father was for us to be chosen by Him in Jesus. His plan has always been the same and it always will be and that is to adopt us as His sons. This He decided upon before the creation.

Let us marvel at the supreme love of our Father in that He should choose us.

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