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Daily Reading: 1st October 2016


Matthew 5.18

18 For I tell you in all sincerity that until Heaven and the earth pass away not one iota or one dot of the Law will pass away, until everything is completed.

One thing that people like is consistency.

Footballers like referees to be consistent in their governing a game, even if they do not like their decisions.

The electorate want the politicians to be consistent with their manifesto commitments.

Children are able to grow and mature when parents remain consistent with their discipline.

Inconsistency leads to uncertainty, which leads to doubt and disbelief.

Jesus was totally consistent in all that He said and did, and He emphasized the consistency of the Law and the prophets. He stated that not the smallest dot of the Law would pass away until everything is completed.

In Greek it is the letter i: ‘iota’, and in Hebrew is ‘yod’. In both languages it is the smallest letter.

The smallest dot is what we would know as the apostrophe (‘), or the tail at the bottom of some letters (i). In Hebrew it was used to differentiate one letter from another of similar shape.

By using these expressions Jesus was emphasizing the permanency and consistency of all the Law and prophets, and that they would remain until Heaven and earth pass away.

We must also be aware that the word of God is eternal, and that we mess with it at our peril.

It seems that Jesus was saying that there is coming a time when the heavens and earth will pass away; He was also saying that not the least iota and dot of the Law and prophets would pass away whilst the heavens and earth remain.

However, He was also saying that there is coming the completion of all things.

Therefore, it seems that the Law and prophets would remain until either Heaven and earth pass away, or until everything is completed. To understand this we must also know that Jesus said that He did not come to destroy the Law and prophets, but to complete them. Therefore, it is in Jesus that the completion of all things takes place. The Law and Prophets remain until He completes all things.

Jesus did this through His death, resurrection, and ascension into Heaven. In this He completely fulfilled the Law and the prophets. Therefore, all who receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour live within His completion of the Law and prophets. It is by His grace that we have been saved.


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