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Daily Reading: 1st March 2016

John 20.6-10 cont.

6 Then following him Simon Peter also comes and goes into the tomb, and he saw the linen bandages laying there, 

7 and the cloth that was on His head, not being with the bandages was folded up laying in a separate place. 

8 When the other disciple, who arrived first at the tomb, went in, he saw and he believed. 

9 For they did not yet understand the Scripture that it is necessary for Him to rise from the dead.   

10 Then the disciples went away on their own. 

This was the greatest day in history, and will remain so until Jesus returns again.

It was a day that Jesus had prophesied would happen:

And He began to teach them that it is necessary for the Son of Man to suffer a lot, and to be rejected by the elders and the chief priests and the scribes and to be put to death and after three days to be raised from the dead – Mark 8.31.

We know that when Jesus said this that Peter rebuked Him. He did not want to believe Jesus, and perhaps He thought that Jesus had such divine power and authority that no one would be able to arrest Him and kill Him.

That disbelief accompanied Peter as he ran to the tomb. John records that when he entered the tomb and saw that the body of Jesus was not there that he believed.

What did he believe?

It could be supposed that he believed that Jesus had been raised from the dead. However, this is probably unlikely in view of the statement that they did not understand the scripture that it was necessary for Jesus to rise from the dead.

Therefore, it is most likely that he believed the report of Mary and the other women that the body of Jesus was not in the tomb.

We know from Luke’s account that the disciples thought the women were talking nonsense:

And their words seemed as nonsense to them and they did not believe them – Luke 24.11.

Therefore, it is more likely that John’s belief was in the report of the women that the body of Jesus was missing.

When we try and understand things independently of their context we are more likely to miss their true meaning.

All of the teachings of Jesus, and His whole ministry need to be seen and understood within the context of Jesus being raised from the dead.

Peter, John, and the women did not relate the missing body of Jesus from the tomb to the words He had taught them during His ministry. Therefore, they did not understand what was happening.

Let us learn to study God’s word in order that our faith is enlarged and strengthened.

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