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Daily reading: 1st January 2015

May you all have a very Happy New Year,

filled with the blessings of Jesus

John 11.15

15 and I rejoice for your sake, because I was not there, so that you might believe; but let us go to Him.”

At this point the disciples may have been wondering why Jesus and themselves had not made the effort to go to Lazarus as soon as they heard that he was ill.

They may have wondered why Jesus was rejoicing for their sakes that they had not gone. If so, Jesus quickly puts their minds at ease by telling them that their delay until Lazarus had died was to the benefit of their faith.

Even if they had set out to go to Lazarus as soon as they heard that he was ill they would not have arrived before he died. By delaying the journey to Bethany Jesus had spared the disciples from an anxious journey on which they would have been wondering if they would reach Lazarus in time for Jesus to heal him.

Once they learned that Lazarus had died their thoughts would have been on how Jesus was going to deal with the situation.

Jesus tells them that the whole episode would lead them to believe.

Jesus does not appear to have told them what they would believe. However, they had sufficient experience of Jesus for them to know the power of the Father working through Him. Therefore, their minds would have been open to the possibilities of God overcoming the impossibilities of humanity.

The disciples were embarking on a journey with Jesus that would increase their understanding of who He is, and of what He can do.

We can learn from this incident that Jesus leads us on journeys when we may wonder what He is going to do with us. However, we can always be sure that His ways for us are always to our benefit, and the increase of our faith.

We are familiar with the words of Paul: And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them – Romans 8.28 (NLT). Sometimes it may seem as though Jesus delays the next stage in our journey with Him, but the reality that what we see as a delay is a time of preparation.

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