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Daily Reading: 1st August 2015

John 14.31

31 But that the world might know that I love the Father, and I do whatever the Father commands me. Get up, let us go from this place.

The last sentence of verse 31 appears to be a command from Jesus that they should leave the Upper Room at that point.

However, we also know that chapters 15-17 immediately follow, and in them Jesus appears to continue with teaching His disciples, including His teaching about the Holy Spirit.

Chapter 17 includes the prayer of Jesus.

How are we to understand the order of these events?

1 It is possible that, although Jesus had said they were to leave the Upper Room, they may have stayed a little longer whilst He continued teaching them about the Holy Spirit. Perhaps many of us have said that we must be going, but linger on to continue with our conversations.

2 It is also possible that they left the Upper Room at that point and made their way to the Garden of Gethsemane, and on the way Jesus continued His teaching, and also engaged in His prayer of chapter 17.

This may seem to be the logical sequence of events. However, we must not assume anything. The main thing is that we have recorded for us the valuable teaching of Jesus regarding the Holy Spirit, and His prayer in chapter 17.

We will never know whether or not Jesus gave this teaching before they left or after they left the Upper Room.

However, His determination to leave the Upper Room was a resolve to do the Father’s will, submitting Himself to Him. He also did this as later He prayed in the Garden that it was the Father’s will He was to do, and not His own.

However, this still does not tell us whether or not they left the room at that point.

Are we as determined to submit ourselves to Jesus? Can we say that we surrender all to Jesus? Each day we will all face the challenge of whether or not we submit to our Father’s will. Daily we must answer these questions with the same determination to be wholly His.

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