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Daily Reading: 19th July 2016

Matthew 4.17 cont.

17 From then on Jesus began to proclaim and to say: “Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven has come near.”

We can be absolutely certain that Jesus was the greatest preacher there has ever been.

The world promotes many different wise people who have proclaimed various maxims (proverbs) that have impacted society. However, nobody comes anywhere near close to the preaching of Jesus, and many of the things that He taught have been assimilated into our everyday language. One such saying is to go the extra mile. Perhaps many people do not realize that Jesus said this during what is called His sermon on the mount.

We have many different ways to aid our preaching that did not exist a few years ago, such as power point, and they are good and helpful. However, they are only aids, and they can never make any preacher greater that Jesus.

Jesus was the greatest preacher because He came to proclaim the message of His Father. He said this:

Because I did not speak from Myself, but the One who sent Me, the Father, gave Me a commandment: what I should say and what I should speak – John 12.49.

The true nature of a Christian preacher is someone who proclaims the message of Christ Jesus.

Jesus came as the herald of what God had told Him to say, and of what God was going to do. In like manner a Christian preacher has nothing of value to say except to bring the word of God, to herald the word of God, to proclaim the word of God. This is a great calling.

One of the things that was impressed upon us at theological college was that preaching was about expounding the word of God.

I imagine that most of us who preach are tempted to speak about own ideas, but we are not called to do that. Our calling is to proclaim, preach, and expound what God has revealed in His word, the Bible.

Our ideas will not save any body. our supposed gems of wisdom will not deliver anyone from the clutches of satan. It is only the word of God that is powerful to save; it is only the word of God that is sharper than a two edge sword – (Hebrews 4.12).



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