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Daily Reading: 18th January 2016

John 19.1-3 cont.

1 Therefore, Pilate then took Jesus and flogged Him,

2 And the soldiers weaved a crown of thorns and put it on His head, and threw a purple cloak around Him.

3 And they came and said to Him: “Hail, King of the Jews”. And they slapped Him on the face.

Mockery is a terrible thing, and I guess that most of us, if not all, have suffered some kind of mockery. It is probably also true to say that most of us have engaged in some kind of mockery of others, even if in a very mild way.

Some humour can be a kind of mockery. Some of this may not be a serious matter, but at other times it can have very serious consequences as it seeks to belittle someone else. Teasing can also be a form of mockery, though a lot of teasing is done not to belittle someone, but to develop our relationship with them.

Jesus was mocked, and it was a serious mocking.

The mockery of the Roman soldiers was all based on the claim of Jesus being the King of the Jews. Therefore, the Roman soldiers did various things to mock the Kingship of Jesus.

1 They made Jesus a crown of thorns. All monarchs have a crown, therefore, they decided that Jesus should have a crown, but it was a crown designed not to enhance His kingship, but to mock Him and to cause Him pain instead of exultation.

Today we all have the opportunity to crown Jesus as our King and to give Him the highest position in our life. Or we can follow the Roman soldiers and make a crown of suffering through being disloyal to Him, rejecting Him, and with our mouths to proclaim Him our king whilst our lives deny His Kingship over us through the way we live.

Matthew Bridges (1851) wrote the well know words of the hymn ‘Crown Him with many crowns:

Crown Him the Son of God, before the worlds began, And ye who tread where He hath trod, crown Him the Son of Man; Who every grief hath known that wrings the human breast, And takes and bears them for His own, that all in Him may rest.

Let us daily Crown Jesus as our King, and be prepared to be mocked for doing so.

Cont. tomorrow.

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