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Daily Reading: 18th August 2015

John 15.12-14 cont.

15 I no longer call you slaves, because a slave does not know what his lord does; but I have called you friends, because I have made known to you everything that I heard from My Father.

One of the darkest periods of British history was the time of the slave trade. Many people, men, women, and children were seized from their African homes; transported by ship, in terrible conditions, to America and the Caribbean. There they were sold into slavery, treated as less than human, and consequently lost all their human dignity and rights.

Once they had been bought by a ‘master’ they no longer belonged to themselves, they had no rights, and no life of their own.

We can be thankful that this slave trade has been abolished; although we know that it still continues in certain parts of the world, especially in the sex slave trade. We must continue to pray for its eradication.

Jesus told His disciples that they were no longer His slaves. Therefore, Jesus must have been referring to them previously as slaves or servants.

We see this in Matthew 25.24-25:

[24] “A student is not greater than the teacher. A servant is not greater than the master.

[25] The student shares the teacher’s fate. The servant shares the master’s fate. And since I, the Master of the household, have been called the prince of demons, how much more will it happen to you, the members of the household!” – (NLT).

This is a clear reference to His disciples, and to all who follow Him. All who belong to Jesus are in line to suffer the same accusations as Jesus did. It is hard for us to be accused of being demonic when we know that we serve and live for Jesus, who is pure righteousness.

Jesus had also referred to His disciples as servants earlier in His ministry:

26 “If anyone should serve Me, he must follow Me, and where I am My servant will be also. If anyone should serve Me, My Father will honour him” – John 12.26.

Even whilst in the Upper Room, after washing their feet, Jesus refers to Himself as their Teacher and Lord:

“you call Me the Teacher and the Lord, and you say so rightly, for I am”  – John 13.13.

Since they called Him Lord, they were doing so from the position of a slave/servant.

continued tomorrow.

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