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Daily Reading: 17th September 2015

John 16.8

8 And He will come and convict the world about sin and about righteousness and about judgement.

It is in John’s gospel that we have much of the teaching about the Holy Spirit, which Jesus gave.

We will be spending some time just considering what Jesus has said about the Holy Spirit.

1 To state the obvious He is Spirit.

The word ‘Spirit’ is very simple in meaning, and it is variously translated as: wind, breath, or spirit. It is the context that determines the translation.

In John 3.8 Jesus was talking to Nicodemus and He said:

8 The wind blows where ever it wishes, and you hear its’ sound, but you do not know where is comes from and where it goes to; in a similar way is it with all those who are born of the Spirit.

In this verse the same Greek word (pneuma) is translated firstly as wind, and then as spirit. The context makes it clear that Jesus began by talking about the wind that we all feel, but can’t see. Then He likens this to the ‘pneuma’ that is the Holy Spirit.

In John 4.24 Jesus said:

God is Spirit, and those worshipping must worship in spirit and truth.

This is a tremendous statement that tells us that God the Father is the same as God the Holy Spirit. Jesus was later to say that He and the Father are One. Therefore, in this we can see the oneness of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The presence of the Father and Jesus is with us through the Holy Spirit, whom we cannot see, but whom we can feel.

2 The Spirit is Holy.

The word ‘holy’ (hagios) simply means different from, or set apart from.

We often use the word ‘holy’ in regards to marriage, calling it ‘holy matrimony’. What makes marriage holy is that the relationship between a man and a woman by God is holy because God has set it apart from all other relationships. A man and a woman commit themselves to each other, forsaking all others. It is holy.

The Spirit is Holy, because God is Holy. The Spirit is Holy, because He is different from any other form that we know.

cont. tomorrow.

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