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Daily Reading: 17th March 2015

John 13.26 cont.

26 Then Jesus answered: “It is the one to whom I will give the bit (of bread) that I will dip.” Having dipped the bit (of bread) He took it and gave it to Judas, Simon Iscariot.

A few years ago one of the leading newspapers in the UK exposed a scandal amongst Members of Parliament. It was in regards to the expenses that certain members were claiming that were not legitimate. For a short while there were regular revelations about MPs’ and the expenses claims they were making. Some of these revelations led to jail sentences.

Many MPs’ would have been quite worried about their names being exposed in this scandal.

Judas probably faced a similar situation as Jesus told the disciples that one of them was going to betray Him. It is possible that the disciples, including Judas, would have thought that it could still be any one of them to whom Jesus was yet to give a piece of the bread, dipped in the source.

Judas may have been sweating that he was about to be exposed, especially if he was the next person to whom Jesus gave a piece of bread. However, there is no hint that the other disciples realized that Judas was the guilty person. We can assume that if they had have realized this they would have done everything within their power to prevent Judas from carrying out this most treacherous of all deeds.

We must remember that John was one of the disciples who did not realize what was happening. Therefore, we must assume that at some future point Jesus must have revealed to the disciples what had happened in that dark moment in the Upper Room. Obviously the disciples would have realized that Judas was the betrayer when he arrived in the garden of Gethsemane, accompanied by the temple guards.

At that moment his ‘cover was blown’. However, there was nothing the disciples could do about it since Judas was not unaccompanied.

Every human being has things in their life that are hidden from everyone else. They are secret things, and they may well be sinful. However, nothing is hidden from Jesus. Judas discovered this when Jesus handed the piece of bread to Him. Likewise for us, those things which we think are hidden from other people, are clearly seen by Jesus.

Jesus said: “For nothing is secret, all will be made known, neither is anything hidden, that will not become evident” – Mark 4.22.

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