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Daily Reading: 16th October 2015

John 16.31-33

31 Jesus answered them: “Do you now believe?”

32 Look, the hour comes and has already come when each of you will be scattered each to his own place and only I will be left, but I am not alone, because My Father is with Me.

33 I have spoken these things to you so that you might have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but be courageous, I have overcome the world.

We are familiar with the expression: ‘the penny has dropped, at last’, meaning that someone has finally understood what has been said to them. (It is an expression that comes from Victorian times when the penny slot machines on toilet doors did not always work, because the penny did not drop down. Thus the door would not open.)

The disciples had finally understood what Jesus was talking about, namely that He was to leave them and return to the Father. They finally understood that they were on the verge of embarking into a new age, the age of not having the physical presence of Jesus with them. It was to be the age of knowing the Holy Spirit within them.

There was a time when Jesus told His disciples:

44 You must get these words into your ears: “The Son of Man is about to be delivered into the hands of men”.

45 But they did not understand what He meant; also it had been hidden from them so that they might not perceive it. Also they were afraid to ask Him about it (this word) – Luke 9.44-45.

Jesus had just cast out of a boy an evil spirit. It was a time just after Jesus had been transfigured before Pater, James, and John. It was a time to begin to enlighten them all about the way He was to go. However, they did not grasp hold of what Jesus was saying. It would appear that this was an occasion when the penny was divinely stopped from dropping. Presumable to protect them from being alarmed over what the future held.

Perhaps we can all remember times when we have had to wait until the ‘penny drops’ in our understanding, before we fully realize what is being said to us.

It is the work of the Holy Spirit that often causes the ‘penny to drop’ within us, and when it does, we begin to see things in a different way, in God’s way.

When we are in situations where God has spoken to us, but we may not understand the fullness of it, then we need to rely on the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of our soul so that we can clearly see and believe the purposes God has for us.

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