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Daily Reading: 16th August 2016


Matthew 5.5 cont.

O the delight of the gently strong, because they will inherit the earth.

One of the words that describes the meek is ‘Humble’. We shall look a little more at the meekness of Moses – his gentle strength.

Number 12.3

Now Moses was more humble than any other person on earth – (NLT).

Aaron and Miriam were murmuring against the wife of Moses, simple because she was a Cushite. Cush was the son of Ham, who was one of the sons of Noah.

The point is that Moses is described as being humble and meek. This would also have been true in his dealings with his wife and with Aaron and Miriam.

It is interesting to see that God sees the humility of Moses and He steps in to defend him and to uphold his position, and that of his wife.

Meekness and humility are seen by God and He recognizes it.

This is seen in the following Psalm:

Psalm 147.6:

The LORD supports the humble, but He brings the wicked down into the dust – (NLT).

This verse is illustrated in what happened to Moses, when God instructs him to come to the tent of meeting with Aaron and Miriam.

Psalm 25.9:

He leads the humble in what is right, teaching them His way – (NLT).

This is a tremendous Psalm, one written by David. It would seem that he may have written it after a period of shameful sinning. We know that he was guilty of adultery, murder, and deception. However, we cannot be certain when David penned this Psalm.

This Psalm is one of repentance and confession, and it shows the strength of his meekness. David was aware that God knew all about his past sins, especially the sins of his youth, since he asks that God should not remember them.

Meekness and humility are good foundations for a repentant heart. It takes a strong person to repent and turn to receive Jesus.

continued tomorrow.


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