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Daily Reading: 15th September 2015

John 16.7

7 However, I tell you the truth that it is beneficial for you that I should go away. If I should not go the Helper will not come to you, but if I go I will send Him to you.

As I wrote these notes Rachel and I are in the process of moving away from Sutton. By the time you read them we may already have moved. We firmly believe that this is God’s will for us. However, leaving is does have is sadness, but it also has it benefits.

Jesus told His disciples that it was beneficial for Him to leave them. Jesus knew that it was only by His leaving that the Holy Spirit would be able to come and fill His disciples.

As we shall see later, the coming of the Holy Spirit was the beginnings of a new and fresh adventure for the disciples. However, for this to happen Jesus had to leave them, and return to His Father. Then He could receive the Holy Spirit from the Father and pour Him out upon the first believers. We read about this event in Acts chapter 2.

Perhaps, as Jesus spoke, the disciples were wondering how the absence of Jesus could be helpful for them. Possibly all they could envisage was that a life without Jesus would be bereft of His wisdom, His power, and His direction for vision.

What they may not have seen was that the absence of Jesus would open up fresh opportunities and new challenges. They would no longer be able to rely on Jesus to deal with difficult situations. They would discover that the Holy Spirit would be with them to enable them to heal the sick, deal with awkward questions, from the Sanhedrin (the Jewish council).

Whenever we are faced with people leaving and being moved on by God we must also see it as God giving us new opportunities to grow more in Him. It is a time for us to rise up to meet the fresh challenges that are presented to us in the absence of those who have been moved on by Jesus.

The disciples had to accept that Jesus knew best, and that His going was for their benefit. The same is also true for each of us.

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