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Daily Reading: 15th January 2015

John 11.28-30

28 Saying this she went and privately called Mary, her sister, saying: “The teacher is here and is calling you.”

29 When she (Mary) heard this, she quickly got up and came to Him.

30  Jesus had not yet arrived in the village, but was still in the place where Martha had met Him.

Doing things in secret is not always easy. One of the reasons for this is that when we are entrusted with a secret there can be the overwhelming desire to share it with someone else.

However, we must always honour the things that are said to us in private.

Martha went and called her sister, Mary, privately, in secret.

This must have been quite difficult, since there were quite a few people who had come to the sisters to comfort them in their grieving. However, somehow, she managed to find a way to reach her sister, who was still in the home, without others knowing that she was doing so.

Privacy is a precious thing, which we all appreciate. Husband and wife need to know that their private moments and conversations are not going to be shared with anyone else.

When we share things in confidence with people within the church we need to know that what is shared remains private.

There were a number of occasions in the Gospels where we read that Jesus told those whom He had healed not to let anyone know, but to keep it a secret. This was true after Jesus had healed a man from leprosy: [44] And He sent him away sternly warning him [45] and He says to him: “Pay attention that you say nothing to anyone, but go, show yourself to the priest and offer that which Moses commanded concerning the cleansing, for a testimony for them” – Mark 1.44-45.

We also know that many times those whom Jesus told to keep their healing private, ignored His command and went and told others.

What is the point of doing things in secret? One of the main reasons is so that something may be allowed to develop without the input of other people.

Martha wanted Mary to be able to come to Jesus without the input from the gathered mourners.

Joseph had decided that He was going to secretly divorce Mary, so as not to bring her public disgrace. The secrecy was to spare her embarrassment. We know that through the angel’s visit to him in a dream he was led away from divorce into taking Mary to be his wife.

It is in secret that Jesus is able to change our mind, relocate our thoughts and deliver us into His ways.

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