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Daily Reading: 15th August 2016


Matthew 5.5

5 O the delight of the gently strong, because they will inherit the earth.

We may be more familiar with the words: “Blessed are the meek”, however, the real force of the word meek has been lost in English. It is better to describe the meek as the ‘gently strong’.

Moses was a man who was of this character.

He was a reluctant leader; a man who grew up in the royal courts of Egypt, but who knew he was not an Egyptian, but a Hebrew.

Sadly he was a murderer and a run-away, a refugee in a foreign land.

However, he listened to God, and he interceded on behalf of God’s people when they sinned.

He became a strong leader. He received from God the tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written.

He fasted for 80 days and nights. He was a great prophet. He led God’s people out of Egypt and through the Red Sea on dry land.

He got angry, causing him to strike a rock in anger, with his rod.

He received the instructions from God to construct the Tent of Meeting.

He was one of people in the Bible to be described as Meek.

Next let us look at the character of Jesus.

He was Holy, totally separated to God to do His will. He only did the things He saw His Father doing.

He was totally without sin.

He is all loving. He is full of compassion.

He died to rescue us from our sin.

He is the Truth, The Way and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him.

He was all truth and never told a lie.

He is the second person in the Bible to be called Meek, gently strong.

In the Old Testament the Hebrew word is variously translated as:








In God’s word the meek are usually regarded as those people who consider themselves quite lowly, or modest. It is used to describe those who would prefer to accept injury or hurt without retaliation.

It is also used to describe someone who is quietly strong and steadfast. In this sense it can emphasize a person’s quiet, determined strength in the Lord.


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