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Daily Reading: 14th September 2015

John 16.5-6 cont.

5 But now I am going to the One who sent Me, and not one of you asks: “Where are you going?”

6 But your heart has been filled with grief, because I have spoken these things to you.

There are many times when things are said to us that we may not understand at the time. Therefore, we await further clarification before venturing to ask questions.

It is in chapter 16 that Jesus prompts them about asking where He is going, since He knew that His going to the Father had huge implications for them, which must have laid heavily upon their spirits.

Jesus had been leading up to this.

The disciples might have had in their minds something similar to the expression: ‘But what about me?’

It is a thought that we may often have, even if we do not express it. Generally speaking we are more likely to be concerned about how a situation will affect us than we are with how it will affect others.

It is perhaps true to say that parents will consider how things will affect their children. There have been those times in our life when Jesus has called us to move from one place to another, and we have had to consider the affect on our children. We have always felt the assurance of God that He knows the effect on our children and our trust has been in Him to bless them in the situation.

When Jesus told the disciples that He was returning to the Father, it appears as though they were filled with so much grief that they were left wondering: ‘but what about us?’ They didn’t express this, but Jesus could see it. They were so immersed in their grief that they did not stop to consider what Jesus was actually saying to them.

It would seem as though their concern was what was going to happen to them in His absence.

At that point had they lost sight of the eternal consequences of what Jesus was about to do?

If they had it would be understandable, since a future without the physical presence of Jesus with them was unimaginable.

When Jesus opens up for us new ventures in Him our attentions needs to be on the excitement of bringing glory to Him and the Father, rather than on how it will affect us. He has already taken care of that.

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