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Daily Reading: 14th November 2015

John 17.17 cont.

17 Consecrate them in the Truth; Your word is Truth.

Jesus came and He delivered to His disciples the word of the Father. That word is the Truth. Not one single word that Jesus spoke was less than the truth, and it is by this truth that Jesus requests that His disciples are consecrated. It is the word of God that builds faith within us.

It is as we live by the word of God that we live a life that is separated from the ways of the world. That is a consecrated life.

When I was training drivers to become Driving Instructors I prepared them by giving them written lessons for each exam that they might have to take. I knew that if they repeated the briefings that I had prepared for them it would assist them in their exams, and also in their future teaching. What I had prepared for them was to keep them from straying from the subject matter. This is something that all tutors seek to do for their pupils, trusting that the pupils thinking will be shaped by the words that have been given to them.

Similarly Jesus has given us the Father’s word for the purpose of keeping us safe from any other words that would lead us astray.

There is another way in which we can look at these words of Jesus. He had already told His disciples that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that He is the only way for anyone to come to the Father (John 16.6).

Jesus asks the Father to consecrate (make holy) His disciples in the Truth, that is in Himself, since He is both the word and the Truth. This means that we are to be set apart in Jesus. Our life is to be hidden in Him, protected in Him.

It is a consecration in Jesus, which means that we are no longer part of this world; we are no longer the friends of this world. Instead we have been set apart as the friends of God; called and set apart by His word to be servants of the Truth.

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