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Daily Reading: 14th February 2015

John 12.1-2 cont.

1 Then Jesus came to Bethany six days before the Passover, where Lazarus was, who Jesus raised from the dead.

2 Then they made a supper there for Him, and Martha served, but Lazarus was one of those who was reclining with Him.

One of the joys of visiting my mother-in-law was knowing that the chip pan would be on and a plate full of chips would be given to us almost as soon as we arrived.

She always made beautiful chips.

Mary and Martha prepared a dinner for Jesus. This would have been a meal that was eaten in the late afternoon or during the evening. It seems to have been a meal that was held in honour of Jesus, therefore, it may have been a more formal meal, which would have been eaten in the evening.

It was the end of the day and Lazarus, along with others, was reclining with Jesus.

It is good for us to remember the importance of taking time out to ‘recline’ with Jesus. The busy pace of life can squeeze out the time that we should be with Him, just to enjoy His presence. Jesus said to His disciples: Come privately by yourselves, into a solitary place and take it easy for a while’ – Mark 6.41.

Jesus will say the same to each one of us. However, there are many times when the din of activity prevents us from hearing His voice.

Mary, Martha, and Lazarus took the deliberate decision to spend time with Jesus, to honour Him with a meal, to listen to His words of wisdom and authority, and to have their souls recharged.

We may be familiar with the words of Revelation 3.20: 20 Look, I knock as I stand (have stood) at the door. I will come in to eat with whoever hears My voice and opens the door to Me, and he will eat with Me.

It is the invitation of Jesus to every believer to enjoy the much needed time of resting in Him.

It is the time to respond to the words of God in Psalm 46.10: “Be silent, and know that I am God!” – (NLT). We can be sure that He has prepared for us a feast greater than a plate of delicious chips.

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